Continuous research for new materials, constant innovation of the production systems, UNI ISO 9001:2008 certification and last but not least the recent award of EN1891 product certification for low stretch coefficient ropes with a sheath for individual protection devices for the prevention of falling from heights, places Monteisola Corde as one of the leading companies in the sector on the market. An in-house laboratory, equipped with Dynamometers, Torsiometers, electronic Winders, Stereoscopic Microscope, Solarbox and electronic precision Scales allow the company to test the resistance to breakage, to sun exposure and to establish the real quality of the raw materials and of the finished products before and after use. New systems of in-house control on production and the state of progress of orders allow giving immediate answers on availability and delivery times and conditions. An innovative system of barcode labelling, as well as having a warehouse that is always updated, allows making shipments with the automatic creation of shipping notes and packing lists.

The great production flexibility of “Monteisola Corde” allows filling orders of any kind, even of small quantities.

Thanks to the in-house testing laboratory and research and development, “Monteisola Corde” can guarantee the safety of its products for its customers.

The sensitivity for the environment has allowed us to develop Organic processes and products such as BioRope, in the full respect of nature.

“Monteisola Corde” can make you a “made-to-measure suit”. Our custom division can make personalized finishes.

The products’ resistance to UV rays is tested using Solar apparatus.

The storage of the products in the warehouse allows quickly filling “just in time” orders.

Resistant to the stress of traction, checked and tested with the special dynamometers in our laboratory.

Each article is marked by barcodes which allow identifying them and contain all the information of the production process and the warehouse.