Our history has distant origins

“Monteisola Corde” was the name chosen by the Ribola family now more than 35 years ago for their company with the aim of making known to the world of textiles not only their products but also the area where they come from. Monte Isola, a small island in the centre of Lake Iseo, not only holds the record of being the largest island in a lake in Europe but also gave rise to the first nets and started the local rope-makers’ activity.


A strong tradition rooted in the past
of Monteisola has created and formed the old master rope- and net-makers. Documents and quotations from 1400 prove that these activities were well-established.


Monteisola; three generations around the same table.


Mario and Giorgio Ribola founded “Monteisola Corde” in Monteisola.

Our production potential has no limits

In 1992 Monteisola Corde moved to Corte Franca in Franciacorta, where the production unit covers an area of 3000 sq. m. and employs 20 people. Monteisola corde is the leader in the sector with a structured range of products that can meet varying needs and uses in multiple sectors such as nautical, sport, ironmongery, building, furniture and agriculture.


The present production unit of Corte Franca, in Franciacorta, covers 3,000 sq. m.

The production lines have a daily potential of 300,000 metres and any type of order can be easily filled.